A remote kinesiology healing session can be an unknown concept for some people, that’s why I would like to share what happens in a typical session and why this is such an effective therapy.

We all want the same thing in life: to feel safe, loved, free, powerful, peaceful and joyful. This ‘state of being’ that we desire is a vibration.

Any “problem” we have is ultimately only a “problem” because it prevents us from living the vibration that we want to. It is something that stops us from feeling peaceful and powerful.

A healing session helps to raise one’s vibration and release toxins that have been stored in the body and in the mind. 

The thoughts we think can have a major impact on our physical health. What happens in our body often begins in our mind, our emotions and our beliefs. 

During a healing session, the energy flows to where it is most needed. 

We will find out the situation, event or memory, beliefs and negative life patterns that are behind the problems one is experiencing.

We will then begin to heal them, using a variety of methods such as Bach flower remedies, chakra balancing, temporal and meridian tapping, acupressure points, NLP, and many others. 


“Energy healing can bring balance and harmony to your mind and body, clearing away blockages that are holding you back”

What is energy healing?

Energy Healing is about accepting that we are energy beings. Beings that are much more than just a physical body.

Energy flows through everything and creates everything. Our thoughts and emotions are energy, and energy healing can be transferred to anyone, anywhere in the world.

When we interact with other people, our energy fields are also interacting very actively. Even when we don’t say a word, every time we are aware of someone, our energy field and theirs are communicating.

Which explains why we can really like (or not) someone we don’t even know. It is because we feel their energy!

This is how easily thoughts (which are energy) travel, and how easy it is to know, receive and be aware of them!

We’re all working with energy all the time! Sending out good and bad stuff.

Being judgmental sends bad energy, being loving, sends good energy.

Healing works the same way. Energy healing is giving energy, and during a healing session, it’s conscious and intentional—and only for assisting others!

healing session

Kinesiology supports and stimulates self-healing. During the healing, you, the client, must play your part.

This means answering questions and acknowledging the feelings or emotions present, in order to release them.

I know some will have concerns about getting in touch with certain emotions and experiences, and that’s okay. 

We walk through these moments in time in a safe environment without diving deep into the pain and suffering of the event itself.

Whilst you are receiving the healing, you may start to think about events that you haven’t thought about, or had totally forgotten about.

You may start to feel hot or cold, or you may experience tingling.

You may also become emotional or you may feel nothing at all. This healing experience is yours and is individual to you. 


Just trust that, whatever you did or didn’t feel, your body is healing.

The body energy systems

The aura, the chakras and the meridians are connected energetically to our physical organs.

When the energy is disrupted, the body organs are less able to defend against illness, aches and pains.

In this same way, the health of our energy systems determines our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The nature of my work practice is to understand the underlying cause of any emotional and digestive imbalance, discovering what blockages may be holding you back. I help those who are ready for change through natural solutions to retrieve and maintain their physical and emotional health.

Remote kinesiology healing session

Kinesiology works as detecting imbalances and identifying what it is needed to bring the body, mind and spirit back into balance.

Intention is everything, and I make a clear and strong intention to be a channel guide to work and clear stress in your body and mind.

Energy and intention are not confined to physical space. That’s why distance healing can be done across the globe and still have the same effects.

With every session, I support your highest joy and fortify your mind and body for your highest health resultsI meet you wherever you are and maintain a non-judgmental environment to guide you at all times.

Where it is it isn’t

Kinesiology looks at the whole person, as quite often the root of the problem is not where the discomfort or pain is found.

For example:

  • IBS could be caused by an emotional issue and/or a food intolerance.
  • Lower back pain may be caused by an imbalance in the kidneys or by fear.
  • sore throat can be a sign of finding it difficult to speak up.
  • Constipation is linked to holding onto things. 
  • Ringworm can be a sign of allowing others to get under our skin.
  • Stiff neck could be linked to being overly rigid in how we see things.

Our body is always trying to communicate with us.

Each session is tailored to you, through a mixture of kinesiology, intuitive guidance, naturopathy and Ayurveda.

It includes:
  • Finding and releasing blocked emotions stored in the body
  • Massage specific acupressure points
  • Use of Bach flowers, and Chakra essences
  • Chakra cleansing and meridian balancing
  • Nutritional advice and detox
  • Herbal and Nutritional supplements
Kinesiology is so effective because it works by changing the subconscious mind.

Our conscious mind controls only around 1-5% of our brain’s processing power. The rest 95-99% is in control of our subconscious, and unconscious automatic systems.

For this reason, if you’re trying to work towards certain goals, working only with your conscious mind, it can be almost impossible to achieve them.

If you are feeling stuck, you are tired of feeling emotionally low, or you constantly think that you are not good enough, a kinesiology session can help. Kinesiology is beneficial because it cuts straight to the point, and helps to clear any subconscious blockages that may be preventing you from moving forward.

It is effective and efficient, in just one session you can be aligned and congruent with many positive goals, thoughts and beliefs.

Do you have any questions regarding kinesiology and how I can help you with? Contact me here
Remote kinesiology single session

This 90-minute session is ideal if you have never worked with me before and want to try kinesiology. It is also ideal if you just want a quick energy balance for a particular emotional issue.

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Remote kinesiology – Course of three

This 12 – week program is suitable for those who would like to access a deeper level of healing, or to incorporate monthly sessions into their ongoing routine to keep feeling uplifted, empowered, relaxed in the body, happy and positive.

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