Bloated stomach

The Bloated stomach Plant-Based Meal Plan

This meal plan is suitable for all those who are experiencing bloating as well as the negative effects and disruption to life that bloating can cause.

Most of us will face this unpleasantness at some point in our lives, and the plant-based bloated stomach plan aims to help you get back to your original or new healthy self.

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Eliminate bloating with the online 3-week plant-based plan combining simple dietary changes to get rid of the bloated stomach.

What is bloating?

Those who suffer from bloating feel unable to breathe deeply, and have the feeling of being constantly full. But, what is worse, these problems do not pass with time, rather they tend to worsen.

Many people also complain of abdominal bloating due to excess gas produced by the process of digestion of some foods.

Intestinal gas can be attributed to poor diet, ingestion of too many dairy products, carbonated drinks and carbohydrates, and sedentary lifestyle.

An abnormal growth of the intestinal microbial flora can also be a cause of bloating because it favours the production of gas within the gut through fermentation processes.

Another symptom could be the hardening of the abdomen, which is a sign of inflammation of the digestive system. 

It can occur in mild or severe form, coming and going in relation to the emotional state.

The most common symptoms of abdominal gas are:

  • flatulence
  • bloating
  • abdominal pain
  • belching
  • constipation
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Good health starts with good digestion.

Your digestive system is one of the most important systems in your whole body. When digestion is poor, whether in the stomach, small intestine or large intestine, the body fails to break down into its component parts for absorption.

Food can then become putrid when this occurs and gases of varying nature can form.

By following the bloating relief programme, you will understand the correct foods to eat, how to resolve your digestive problem and how to restore your intestinal process.

What is included in the bloated stomach plan?

  • Personalised 3-week plant-based meal plan, incorporating both nutritional therapy and Ayurveda principles
  • Email support for the duration of your programme
  • Health and lifestyle recommendations specific to your needs
  • Suitable Bach Flower Remedies
  • Tips on how to maximise the full potential of your plan
  • My commitment to your health

How does the bloated stomach plan work?

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a consultation form which you need to fill out, enabling me to send to you within 5 days, your personalised 3-week online plant-based meal plan.


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