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What’s in your supplements?

More and more people in the UK and around the world are turning to alternative medicine and natural remedies to support their health and well-being, or to help them achieve their health goals. However, as with anything, when it comes to health supplements you get what...

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Yeast overgrowth – the basics

When people talk about yeast overgrowth in the body, they are referring to harmful yeast organisms. Candidiasis is by far the most common type of yeast infection, and there are more than 20 species of Candida, the most common being Candida albicans (a type of fungus)....

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Beat the bloat!

Most people, especially women, recognise that uncomfortable feeling when their stomach suddenly swells up like a balloon, often accompanied by stomach pain and flatulence. This may be triggered by, for example, eating the wrong kinds of food, stress or a number of...

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Blood sugar blues?

A person’s blood sugar level is basically the amount of glucose present in their blood at any given time. You might be wondering why anyone would need to know this? Well, keeping your blood sugar balanced is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health...

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Bad Breath and Poor Digestion

Everyone’s experienced bad breath at some point, particularly first thing in the morning. However, when it becomes a lingering problem, it can cause embarrassment and have a negative impact on a person’s quality of life. For instance, in terms of work interaction and...

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What’s in my food?

In this modern age of processed foods and the widespread use of artificial chemicals to enhance everything from taste and appearance to shelf life, you can no longer take it for granted that you know what is in your food just by looking at it. Food these days is not...

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Oregano oil for yeast Infection

Oregano oil has an array of beneficial properties A powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic, oregano oil is considered a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic. Let us now explore the properties and benefits of oregano oil when applied to yeast infection. Known as...

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Are probiotics important for health?

Did you know that Probiotics help us keep the good bacteria in our body and that we have about 3 to 4 pounds of good bacteria in our digestive tract that help us digest food? A healthy gut leads to a healthy brain, without the right bacteria, your body can’t process...

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Benefits of Ginger for Digestion

You may know already that ginger is simply amazing! I started to eat ginger when I was studying Ayurveda in India 6 years ago and I have since never stopped! Here are the Health Benefits of Ginger for digestion! Ginger is a medicinal plant belonging to the family...

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