The Bach Flower Remedies have been known to heal emotional imbalances, such as fear, anger, anxiety. They are also very beneficial for lack of self-esteem, bullying, sadness, stress, depression, guilt, worry, and many other negative feelings.

All of the 38 remedies are handmade according to the original instructions of Dr Edward Bach. Each of them has its own unique focus on a particular thought, feeling or emotion and it is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state.

They work on gently bring a negative pattern back into balance.

Bach Flower Remedies simply use the vibrational frequency or energy of a flower.

The flowers are from plants of the British countryside, including trees like white and red chestnut, beech, larch and aspen, and flowering plants like chicory, gentian and heather.

People using the remedies often report a gentle but definite shift in their emotional state.

They find that they feel lighter, less stuck in their trauma or fear, and able to find a fresh perspective quite effortlessly.

Vibrational essences work by releasing old blocked energies

The Bach flower remedies are 100% natural.

Bach flower remedies are safe for everyone* – children, babies, animals and plants included – without fear of side effects, overdosing or addiction.

While they don’t replace medical treatment, they can be used in conjunction with, and as a complement to any other form of treatment.

*Please note that Bach Flower Remedies are preserved in brandy, so please be cautious if you have issues with the use of brandy or alcohol.

 “There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness.”

What do they do?

Each Bach flower remedy will help to gently rebalance the vibration of those emotions and thought patterns that cause us to experience disharmony within ourselves.

They work very well on the surface layers of a pattern or issue. They will help to restore a sense of balance in situations where lots of issues have been triggered off.

Bach Flower remedies aid in changing negative emotions and eliminating defective traits or attitudes in such a way as to lead to the person’s peace of mind and contentment.

Bach flower remedies
Dr Bach grouped these 38 remedies into 7 emotional groups

1- Over-care for the welfare of others

(beech, chicory, rock water, vervain, vine)

3- Over-sensitive to influences and ideas

(agrimony, centaury, holly, walnut)

5- Insufficient interest in present circumstances

(chestnut bud, clematis, honeysuckle, mustard, olive, white chestnut, wild rose)

7- Fear

(aspen, cherry plum, mimulus, red chestnut, rock rose)

2- Despondency or despair

(crab apple, elm, larch, oak, pine, star of Bethlehem, sweet chestnut, willow)

4- Loneliness

(heather, impatient, water violet)

6- Uncertainty

(cerato, gentian, gorse, hornbeam, Scleranthus, wild oat)


“Over care for the Welfare of Others”

“Be your true self”


Does it resonate with you?

If yes, you can ask yourself:

Are you overcritical or intolerant (Beech)?

Do you seek attention and love (Chicory)?

Is your lifestyle strict and you want to be an example to others ( Rock Water)?

Are you passionate to the extent that you want the world to follow you (Vervain)?

Do you like to pressure and authorise others into doing what you think is right (Vine)?

Beech → Link

This flower is for those unable to understand other’s shortcomings.

They lack tolerance and empathy and can be very critical. They are usually perfectionists, unable to accept that others have different ideas. They may appear patient and calm but can be seething inside.

Beech helps those who need to establish a more loving and flexible relationship with themselves and with those around them.

Chicory → Link

This flower is for those who are overly concerned and possessive of the people and things close to them. They love to organise and manage everyone. Sadly this can cause their loved ones to feel stifled or reject them so that they develop a ‘no-one appreciates me’ attitude.

Chicory helps to dissolve these personality traits and to promote the more balanced energy of the ‘universal mother’ who gives her love unconditionally, knowing that love is everlastingly abundant.

Rock Water → Link

This flower is for those who set themselves very high standards and impose very strict disciplines upon themselves in an effort to adhere to their high idealistic principles. They expect perfection from themselves and others.

Rock Water helps to restore the ability to be open-minded and flexible in one’s beliefs and it helps to bring the acceptance of all aspects of self and freedom from the dogma that allows us to make real and lasting inner change.

Vervain → Link

Those in need of Vervain have very high principles and ideals that they seek to convert others too, by the sheer force of their will and enthusiasm.

They are perfectionists who tend to overwork, driving themselves way past what is reasonable, often becoming wound up & highly strung as a result.

In the acute state, they can be fanatical and over jealous.

Vervain helps those who need to restore balance to the unconscious belief that it is their responsibility to take care of everything around them and it helps to have a more realistic perspective in its attitude to responsibility.

Vine → Link

This flower is for those who are self-assured, dominant leaders. They are responsible, make decisions without hesitation, are ambitious, determined and confident. They have opinions but they don’t try and change others thinking, they just make their point.

Out of balance, they can become demanding and powerful bullies.

Vine helps to restore the principle of balanced leadership through the right use of power and will.

It helps to open the heart and to remind their personality that positive leadership is the result of a partnership between the heart and the mind.


“despondency or despair”

“You will be exactly as happy as you decide to be”


Does it resonate with you?

If yes, you can ask yourself:

Do you push yourself without complaining (Oak)?

Have you been through a shock (Star of Bethlehem)?

Do you blame others for your life situation (Willow)?

Are you overwhelmed by responsibility (Elm)?

Do you feel guilty (Pine)?

Are you lacking confidence (Larch)? Are you out of hope and feel lost (Sweet chestnut)?

Do you carry underlying feelings of uncleanness or lack of purity (Crab Apple)?

Larch → Link

Those in need of Larch have such an inbuilt unconscious certainty of failure that they never attempt new things in life.

They automatically feel inferior to others and will stand back to take up life’s opportunities.

Larch helps to restore confidence in one’s own abilities and to remind them that deep down they do have the confidence to live life to the full.

Pine → Link

Those in need of Pine suffer from feelings of guilt, shame, self-blame or self-reproach and will often take responsibility for, or even apologise for, something that has nothing to do with them at all.

Taking pine can help to restore a positive sense of inner self-value or self-worth.

It helps to shift the perception of our internal and external environment. It lifts the fog that masks the innate wisdom of our soul so that we may ‘see’ clearly.

Elm → Link

This flower is for those who take on many responsibilities and feel overwhelmed, feel like they can not do it all, and inadequate to the task.

Elm will bring a sense of confidence and conviction that all will be well.

Taken short term, Elm will very quickly help to restore the strength of mind and ability to cope. Taken more long term, it will help to determine which responsibilities are truly their own and to balance these with the need for personal nurturing.

Sweet Chestnut → Link

Those in need of Sweet Chestnut feel that they have reached the limits of their endurance and are at the end of the road. In this extreme state, they feel an absolute and utter despair or hopelessness, a state of desolation in which they feel isolated from the rest of mankind.

Sweet Chestnut brings back the light and joy to life, dissolving the darkness.

Star of Bethlehem → Link

Star of Bethlehem is helpful in any situation where shock or trauma of any kind has been experienced, whether immediate or in the past.

It is a good remedy for situations such as accident, sudden loss of job, divorce, ‘bad’ news, sadness, grief, birth trauma (for the mother both during and after birth, and for the child after birth).

Willow → Link

Those in need of Willow have a tendency to feel a victim of circumstance and to blame others for their life situation. They may become easily bitter or resentful, bear grudges or feel that ‘life’s not fair’ when things do not go their way. They feel angry, resentful, bitter, and they tend to blame others and not take responsibility for their own actions.

They can feel so sad that one can feel the sadness coming out of them. They have not gotten what they wanted, perhaps the love interest left or they didn’t get the promotion they had hoped for.

Willow restores the qualities of self-responsibility and forgiveness and to restore optimism in their ability to create the life they want.

Oak → Link

Those in need of Oak tend to struggle on enduring all things long after others would have given up. They possess great strength and courage and like the mighty Oak tree itself often provide shelter and nourishment for others.

They do not know when to quit or how to quit. They even take on the work of others but never ask for help when they could use it.

Oak helps those who need help to restore the qualities of strength and endurance.

Taken short term, Oak will help to restore strength and fortitude so that they can carry on. Taken more long term, it will help the Oak personality to find a new balance so that they learn to conserve some energy and reserves for themselves.

Crab Apple → Link

Those in need of Crab Apple have temporarily lost sight of their own innate purity.

They carry underlying feelings of uncleanness and dirtiness, which can manifest as obsessions related to housework or bodily cleanliness.

They can be fussy, easily upset, compulsive, and have an obsessional behaviour of any sort.

Crab Apple aids purification at all levels.

It can help after an illness to assist in the removal of chemical drugs and impurities. It is good to use if one is doing a cleansing fast as it speeds the elimination of toxins.

Bach flower remedies

“Over-sensitive to influences and ideas”

“There is always time for a change”


Does it resonate with you?

If yes, you can ask yourself:

Do you put other’s needs before your own and find it hard to say no (Centaury)?

Do you have feelings of anger, revenge or jealousy (Holly)?

Are you going through a life change and need support (Walnut)?

Do you hide your true emotions behind a happy face (Agrimony)?

Agrimony → Link

Those in need of Agrimony have inner anxiety that they cover up with a smile and a laugh when in the company of others.

They appear to be ‘the life & soul of the party’ without a care in the world. In reality, they hide fear, worry, pain, sadness, etc. behind a happy face.

Taking this Bach flower remedy can bring inner peace, trust, joy and objectivity. It restores the ability to express one’s true feelings and emotions no matter what these might be.

Centaury → Link

Those in need of Centaury believe that they must put other’s needs before their own.

They lack the willpower to say ‘no’, and they are easily open to being taken advantage of by those with stronger personalities.

Taking Centaury can help to see that one must take care of their own needs or they can not be useful to others.

This remedy helps to find their true mission and develop self-determination and individuality. They become able to say both yes and no.

Holly → Link

Dr Bach says of Holly that it ‘opens the heart and unites us with Divine Love’.

Unconditional, Divine Love is the highest form of love and one that is present in the heart chakra of every human being.

However, when this love is not recognised and nurtured, the heart chakra gradually closes down and defence patterns of the personality such as anger, revenge, jealousy & hatred take root.

Those in this state can also appear to be suspicious, distrustful or super sensitive to real or imagined slights.

Holly opens up the heart so that unconditional love can flow in the heart chakra.

Walnut → Link

Walnut promotes adaptability, emotional flexibility and protection during times of change.

We all face the challenge of change many times in our lives and Walnut helps us to be open and flexible at such times.

This change can occur as we move through the various stages of life, or lifestyle changes such as bereavement, divorce, new house or job.

In such situations, Walnut acts as a link breaker helping us to release the old and decisively embrace the new. It can also provide a cloak of protection for those oversensitive to their environment or to the influence of others.

Bach flower remedies


“There is sunshine in my soul today”


Does it resonate with you?

If yes, you can ask yourself:

Do you always seek the companionship of anyone who may be available (Heather)?

Are you driven by an inner sense of urgency, a feeling that you need to get things done ‘yesterday’ (Impatient)?

Do you withdraw into your own space and can sometimes appear to be unapproachable (Water violet)?

Heather → Link

Heather is the remedy for those whose inner sense of isolation and loneliness manifests as a compulsive need to talk about themselves to anyone and everyone – even a complete stranger.

This can cause unsuspecting listeners to feel as though they are unable to escape by the very force of their conversation.

Heather will help to relieve this state so that they are more in touch with the need to give as well as receive.

Impatient → Link

Impatiens helps those who are driven by an inner sense of urgency, a feeling that they need to get things done ‘yesterday’. They usually prefer to do things by themselves because it is ‘quicker to do it myself’.

They can become very impatient and irritable with others who are naturally slower than they are, a state that often creates inner discomfort and tightness.

The Impatiens personality does not wait for long for anything, even to the point of finishing others sentences. They can easily flare up in anger, although this will normally be quickly over and forgotten.

They are very independent people and can find it difficult to connect with others.

Water violet → Link

Those in need of Water Violet have much valuable wisdom and insight to share but due to their sensitive natures, find it hard to communicate this to others.

They have a tendency to withdraw into their own space and can sometimes appear to be unapproachable or perhaps slightly superior or proud. All these aspects of personality can contribute to their sense of isolation from others.

Water Violet helps to dissolve the negative barriers, promoting the ability to socialise easily and to share their integrity, wisdom and knowledge.



“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself”


Does it resonate with you?

If yes, you can ask yourself:

Do you have difficulty trusting your own intuition or ‘inner voice’ (Cerato)?

Do you get easily discouraged by even small setbacks in life (Gentian)?

Are you experiencing a feeling of hopelessness (Gorse)?

Do you lack the mental strength to carry out the everyday tasks (Hornbeam)?

Are you unable to make up your mind as to what you want, first one thing seems right and then another (Scleranthus)?

Do you feel you want to do something worthwhile with your life but don’t know which direction to go (Wild oat)?

Cerato → Link

Those in need of Cerato have difficulty trusting in their own intuition or ‘inner voice’.

They tend to seek the opinions of others rather than trust their own judgment.

Even when they have consulted with friends & colleagues, they will still have difficulty making a firm choice of direction.

The statement ‘I don’t know’ can often be heard from the lips of those in the negative Cerato state.

Cerato helps to create a bridge between the personality and the soul, restoring the ability to know and trust one’s own innate inner wisdom.

Gentian → Link

Those who need this remedy get easily discouraged by even small setbacks in life and can appear pessimistic and cynical.

They find it very difficult to see a positive resolution to any problem.

Gentian is the remedy for those who need help to restore the soul qualities of trust and faith.

Gorse → Link

Gorse is the remedy for those who suffer uncertainty in the process of life, causing them to experience feelings of hopelessness and despair.

This is a state sometimes found in those with a long-term illness who have lost all hope of recovery.

Taken over a period of time, Gorse will help to dispel these dark feelings and promote new hope and vision for the future.

Scleranthus → Link

Those in need of Scleranthus can be gripped by crippling indecision when faced with a choice between two things.

In this situation, they will usually weigh things up and ‘um & ah’ for a long time.

Scleranthus helps to restore the qualities of balance and decisiveness in the personality.

Hornbeam → Link

Those in need of this remedy often experience a state of procrastination brought on by a kind of mental weariness or staleness.

They feel tired even after a good nights sleep and find it very difficult to get going in the morning, maybe needing several cups of coffee in order to be ready to face the day.

However, once they eventually do get going they usually discover that they are perfectly capable of completing their day’s work.

Hornbeam helps those who feel that they lack the mental strength to carry out the everyday tasks in their lives.

Wild oat → Link

Wild Oat is a remedy of Soul Purpose. This remedy supports our journey in transformation and awakening.

Wild Oat personality has many talents and gifts but as they lack a strong inner sense of how to use them, they end up flitting from one thing to another.

Wild Oat helps to strengthen their inner connection and promote clarity of direction.

Bach flower remedies


“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”


Does it resonate with you?

If yes, you can ask yourself:

Do you have fears of unknown origin, vague unreasoning and inexplicable, sudden apprehension (Aspen)?

Do you get easily discouraged by even small setbacks in life (Gentian)?

Do you often feel that you are losing control of your mind (Cherry plum)?

Do you feel anxious about something, and you can say what that ‘something’ is (Mimulus)?

Do you worry for the safety of others, particularly those close to you (Red chestnut)?

Are you faced with stressful and fearful situations (Rock rose)?

Aspen → Link

Aspen helps those who experience apprehension for which there is no logical reason. This can take the form of a vague worry of some unknown future event or an uneasy ‘spooked out’ feeling in the dark or in strange places.

Shaking, trembling, or vague fluttering feelings in the tummy together with coldness, paleness & nightmares are all indications of the need for Aspen.

Cherry plum → Link

Those in need of this remedy often feel that they are losing control of their mind, going insane, or perhaps having a breakdown.

They can be snappy, on edge, want to scream or fear that they could be violent, either to themselves or others.

In a very extreme state, they may have wide staring eyes and be unable to stop themselves from saying or doing things that are completely out of their normal character.

Many women experience variations of these irrational feelings related to their monthly cycle. In all these situations Cherry Plum brings calmness, rationality, and peace.

Cherry Plum restores the qualities of balance, calmness and positive control of the mind.

Mimulus → Link

Those in need of Mimulus, suffer fear and worry about everyday situations, such as visiting the dentist, flying, swimming, spiders or perhaps taking their driving test.

They can appear nervous, shy or timid and may hesitate or blush easily when in situations where they feel vulnerable. Sensitivity to crowds, loud noises, or bright lights are all examples for which Mimulus would be beneficial.

As Mimulus dissolves their fears and worries, those with this personality trait find themselves able to create a more positive mental approach to life.

Red chestnut → Link

Those in need of Red Chestnut worry for the safety of others, particularly those close to them. They will immediately fear the worst, imagining that some harm has befallen their loved ones. A mother worrying for her children when they are a little late home is a good example of this kind of fear.

Red Chestnut helps to restore optimism and bring the recognition that everyone has their own path and is divinely looked after no matter what happens to them.

Rock rose → Link

Rock Rose is one of the Bach Flower Essences contained in the rescue remedy.

Rock Rose is helpful in any situation where there is the need to transmute the vibrations of extreme fear or terror.

In an acute state, those in need of Rock Rose may become rigid, shaking by acute fear.

They can be so fearful or experience the kind of blind fear that creates the urge to run away to anywhere but where they currently are. The tendency to panic in emergencies or to have terrifying nightmares also indicates a need for Rock Rose.


“Insufficient interest in present circumstances”

“Happiness is always knocking on your door. You just have to let it in


Does it resonate with you?

If yes, you can ask yourself:

Are you unable to assimilate the lesson in the experience that would allow you to move on (Chestnut bud)?

Is daydreaming better than reality? (Clematis)?

Can you let go of the past (Honeysuckle)?

Do you experience a black cloud of gloom that comes and goes for no reason that is obvious (Mustard)?

Are you so exhausted and weary that you feel that you have no more strength to make any effort (Olive)?

Is your head busy with thoughts, ideas, and arguments which you do not desire from entering your mind (White chestnut)?

Have you given up the struggle for fulfilment (Wild rose)?

Chestnut Bud → Link

Those in need of Chestnut Bud appear to repeat the same old life situations over & over again. They are unable to assimilate the lesson in the experience that would allow them to move on.

An example might be someone who finds themselves in a cycle of destructive relationships but cannot seem to make the inner changes that would allow them to disentangle themselves.

Chestnut Bud helps those who need to focus more fully on their current life experiences in order to move forward.

Clematis → Link

People in need of this remedy seem to be generally inattentive or sleepy and might complain of forgetfulness or a lack of concentration.

Their lack of desire to be fully present and have their ‘head in the clouds’ most of the time. They are generally ungrounded which makes them prone to appearing clumsy.

Clematis helps to feel grounded and to have more interest in the physical world and the people surrounding them.

Honeysuckle → Link

Honeysuckle helps those who are unable to let go of the past.

Those in need of this remedy live in the past. They think of past happier times which they feel can never return, leaving them with feelings of nostalgia, sadness or regret.

This is an excellent remedy for anyone experiencing difficulty with homesickness, divorce, or difficult changes of all kinds.

Honeysuckle helps to dissolve these difficult feelings bringing greater acceptance of the past and hope for the future.

Mustard → Link

Mustard helps those who from time to time experience a black cloud of gloom that comes and goes for no reason.

Those in this state feel despairing and unable to cover how they feel.

They withdraw into themselves, feeling separate and isolated from the rest of the world.

Mustard helps to dispel the blackness, bringing back light and joy.

Olive → Link

Olive helps those who feel that their reserves of energy are completely depleted and that they have nothing left to carry on with.

In the acute state, those in need of Olive often complain of being too tired to do another thing or feeling completely washed out. This is usually the result of situations where a great deal of energy has been used up – overworking, a hard spell of digging in the garden or exhaustion related to a long-term illness are all situations that can be helped with Olive.

White chestnut → Link

Those in need of White Chestnut suffer from a constantly busy mind in which there is no reprieve from revolving thoughts that circulate round and round.

They often experience mental arguments and conversations, that effectively cut them off from the present moment and can sometimes make it difficult to sleep.

White Chestnut brings tranquillity, and clarity of thought, peaceful mind uncluttered with unnecessary thoughts.

Wild rose → Link

Those in need of Wild Rose experience a state of apathetic resignation, which can bring with it feelings of boredom or tiredness.

In an acute state, they appear to have given up, completely lacking the motivation and enthusiasm necessary to function normally in life.

Some people experience this during a long-term illness, having been told to resign themselves to the fact they may never be fully well again.

Wild Rose helps to bring back the enthusiasm to find joy in life whatever the circumstances.

Bach flower remedies

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Bach flower remedies

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