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You have decided that you want to eradicate your emotional and digestive issues and live a fuller and healthier life.This is absolutely the right start and I can personally assist you to get you to this healthier beginning.Making changes does not have to be difficult, with guidance and support, I can help you achieve your desired goals.Click the Nutrakarma link for a full brief

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21-DAY DETOX | Digestive Health Practitioner


During a detox you give your digestive system a complete rest, allowing your body to remove built-up toxins, repair, heal, re-balance and reset

CANDIDA MEAL PLAN | Digestive Health Practitioner


Get relief from candida overgrowth and bloating by following a health plan. You will also understand the emotional causes and what supplements can help to restore balance. All plans are vegan-friendly.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS | Digestive Health Practitioner


We offer high-quality vegan nutritional supplements and health foods, herbal formulations, and protein powders. Our products are manufactured in the UK.

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Nutritional Supplements

  • Greens Max

  • Nutri Complete

  • Nutra Hemp Plus

  • CandiSupport



Positive, friendly and extremely knowledgeable, Carlotta has consistently provided me with a wonderful complementary therapy service.  She has handled my health issues with a huge amount of sensitivity and warmth and her healing hands are just amazing. I always get an amazing night’s sleep after one of her treatments. Book now before she gets too busy!

A.K. Brighton

I highly recommend Carlotta. She is very professional and she understood my needs. I am happy that I have decided to start a programme with her as I have been introduced to a better nutrition and I have never felt better.

Enza D. Brighton

Carlotta is a delightful lady and kinesiology is mind blowing and how it works is incredible. Since having my treatment my delicate digestion and bladder are so much more balanced and soothed. After each treatment I felt a real clearing of negative emotions which left me feeling more balanced and positive!

J.Q. Brighton

I saw Carlotta for kinesiology treatments to help with my general run-down kind of feeling. Between the kinesiology that she did and the supplements that she recommended, I felt better within myself and had more energy. Carlotta’s intuitive and caring approach, as well as her friendly and warm personality, makes me feel great! Would most certainly recommend Carlotta for her knowledge, her ability and her warmth!

M.T. Brighton

At the end of the 5-week Candida programme, I had a blood test to check if Candida was still there: I couldn’t believe the result. It wasn’t there anymore!
That taught me a lot: with the right support, with the right methods, with the rights diet and supplements, the most important and difficult threat can be defeated!

I hope, I wish, many women like me, will find their strength and do the candida programme with Carlotta because it is value, it is important, and most of all: it works!

V.A. Brighton

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