Digestive Health Treatments

We offer plant-based, digestive health meal plans to help you through any digestive health problems you may be experiencing.

All plant-based incorporate nutritional therapy and Ayurvedic principles. These digestive health treatments last for between 3 -5 weeks, dependent on the digestive health meal plan chosen.

Suffer from digestive problems?

If you suffer from another digestive problem not listed below, please get in touch.

digestive health treatments for Thrush and candida diet

Do you feel lethargic and wake up already tired?

Have you been indulging in emotional eating?

Do you have a furry coating on the tongue or has your body odour increased?

Duration of course: 21 days


digestive health treatments for Thrush and candida diet

Are you suffering from candida overgrowth?

Do some foods disagree with you or trigger your symptoms?

Do you have strong sugar and refined carbohydrate cravings?

Duration of course: 5 weeks


digestive health treatments for bloated stomach plan

Feeling bloated all day long?

Are you struggling with abdominal gas right after eating?

Do you think you might suffer from a food intolerance?

Duration of course: 3 weeks


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